Who is eligible for NCTHFC programs?
NCTHFC's mission is to increase access to, and availability of, safe, decent, and affordable housing. NCTHFC does this by removing barriers that face individuals in their search for housing in order to provide a better quality of life. For the requirements for our single family bond programs, click here and mortgage credit certificate programs, click here.

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1. Who is eligible for NCTHFC programs?
2. What is NCTHFC's Eligible Loan Area?
3. Is there a residency requirement for program participation?
4. What is the definition of a first time home buyer?
5. What is meant by primary, or principal, residence?
6. I've heard that only homes in economically distressed areas qualify under these programs. Is that true?
7. How do I apply for a mortgage loan under the programs?
8. Can I buy a second home using this financing?
9. In the event I sell the home, do I have to pay back any portion of the grant?